Sahel Countries Environmental Management Organisation (SCEMO)

About us

SCEMO is an organisation in which our members, stakeholders, governmental and non-governmental sectors, and other concerned individual or groups can decide or participate in making our decision. Our members are from different background; professional, and non-professional i.e. from all walks of life and each of them can have a voice in how our policies are written, updated and amended. By becoming a member anyone can be directly participate in SCEMO’s programme.

Our policy process that produces sustainable environmental management reflects the current sustainable environmental management programme which are listed in our priorities or principles. Once or twice a year a conference can be held to amend the sustainable programme. At any SCEMO’s general conference we produce lists of programmes that set out for our immediate priorities and policy goals that our representatives pursued for the terms of that conference. Each listed of our environmental programmes is based on our policy for sustainable environmental (PSE) and is prepared through an agreed consultative process within the organisation.

Email: team@scemo.org
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