Sahel Countries Environmental Management Organisation (SCEMO)

SCEMO’s aims

Sahel Countries Environmental Organisation (SCEMO) aims to establish a justified, equitable and a sustainable ecosystem in Sahel countries. The recent dynamic political change and stability in east Africa can bring hope to the economic development to the region. These countries have many things in common that includes environmental problems. Unless the Sahel countries give priorities in their policies for environmental protection programme, they may face a challenge and environmental crises soon. SCEMO, as the members of this organisation are from these countries, puts its effort on the development of sustainable projects in the left through environmental management.


SCEMO’s aims and objects are the following;

3.1 SCEMO’s supports and promotes sustainable development, climate change mitigation initiatives and programs, waste reduction, reusing; and recycling programs through raising environmental awareness to East African community in the UK.

3.2 In Sahel region, SCEMO’s aims and objects are to establish a justified, equitable and a sustainable ecosystem by;

3.2.1 Promoting the awareness of environmental protection programmes in the region,

3.2.2 Encouraging the development of sustainable projects such as renewable energies in the region,

3.2.3 Addressing and lobbying the priority of environmental protection and preservation policy to have a joint declaration of law and enforcement in the Sahel countries to ensure the environment is protected in the region,

3.2.4 Building adequate sewage and industrial wastewater treatment facilities in the region to treat and reduce the level of pollutants in the discharged effluent water that comply with the local and /or national regulation before disposing into community treatment plants or rivers, lakes or oceans, and

3.2.5 Monitoring the pollution level in the cities of the regions to achieve the reduction of CO2emission.

Email: team@scemo.org
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