Sahel Countries Environmental Management Organisation(SCEMO)

SCEMO’s principles

SCEMO’s principles,

Our principles have two section, a short statement of SCEMO’s core values, and a longer detail explanation of the theoretical background environmental management in Sahel countries.

Policy Statement,

SCEMO policy statements are contained within environmental management policies for sustainable development in the Sahel regions. The policies are outlined in each section of chapters that are covering different topic areas. They represent the long-term goals of the organisation and are available through the menu of links on the left of this page.

Each chapter explains briefly about the environmental problems that the Sahel countries have faced currently. Even though, these detailed environmental issues have been explained and illustrated in the past many decades in the region, action was not taken to tackle the problems due to ongoing war for decades in the region, However, with recent peace development what consequences can environmental problems bring to the region. Such question can be explained further with possible scenario of sustainable environmental development and management can be taken to reduce the greenhouse gas emission, pollutants in the air; water, and land so that the people in the Sahel countries would like to see a sustainable ecosystem that create equitable, justified and sustainable society in the region.

If you have a more detailed question; please contact the SCEMO organisation.


What we stand for 

  • Our core values
  • Theoretical background of details of environmental management in Sahel countries
  • Conclusion of policy statement
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